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A Few Things to Know about Estate Sales

These days, it’s not unusual to get rid of a few possessions when moving. But there are usually large life changes that a person is going through, such as dealing with large debt, a divorce, or a death in the family as to the reason why they’re contacting an estate sale company.


Another reason to hold an estate sale is because things need to be sold fast. An estate sale can do just that, and furthermore, an estate sale company can handle everything from start to finish.


So if you find yourself in a position where an estate sale may be right for you, or you plan on attending one, here are a few things to know and maybe a few tips to implement:


It is different from a garage or yard sale

These types of sales are usually DIY affairs, because you want to get rid of some things and maybe make a little extra cash. You set the price for items and you are in charge of how everything is displayed.


Estate sales, on the other hand, are typically held out of necessity. People can no longer keep these items for various reasons. And while the family may choose to run the estate sale themselves, often times an estate sale company with professional liquidators will be called in to take care of everything from pricing to clean up.


Another big difference between yard sales and estate sales is the quality of items. High-end items are more likely to be found at estate sales likely because these items have been held onto for long periods of time. Things like jewelry or works of art can be found at estate sales, and these items are usually marked way down making these sales appealing to the public.



Estate Sales Held By Professional Firms

An estate sale, as stated earlier, can be run by the family. However as a shopper, you may be more interested in sales run by professional firms. When an estate sale is held by professionals in the field, you are assured that items are thoroughly researched and fairly priced.


You should also notice right away the difference in organization. All items will be clearly priced, there is generally a structure to how people purchase items, and should there be any items that aren’t sold during the sale itself, estate sale companies have the appropriate connections through auction houses or other means to sell those items fast.


Every item will be sold

If you request everything to be liquidated, an estate sale company will make sure to do just, and sell everything in the whole house. This also runs the risk of accidentally selling an item that you didn’t mean to have sold, or that you wanted for sentimental reasons.

To avoid such a scenario, it’s best to browse through all items to ensure that you have kept everything you can keep (all sales are final at an estate sale).


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